Published Papers

DeJesus, J. M., Du, K.*, Shutts, K., & Kinzler, K. D. (in press). How information about what is "healthy" versus "unhealthy" impacts children’s consumption of otherwise identical foods. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

DeJesus, J. M., Gelman, S. A., Herold, I.+, & Lumeng, J. C. (2019). Children eat more food when they prepare it themselves. Appetite, 133, 305-312. [pdf, link]

DeJesus, J. M., Gerdin, E.*, Sullivan, K. R., & Kinzler, K. D. (2019). Children judge others based on their food choices. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 179, 143-161. [pdf, link]

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Papers Under Review/In Preparation

DeJesus, J. M., Callanan, M. A., Solis, G., & Gelman, S. A. (under review). Generic language in scientific communication.

DeJesus, J. M., & Kinzler, K. D. (in preparation). Young children use information about physical contact to make predictions about illness.

DeJesus, J. M., Gelman, S. A., & Lumeng, J. C. (in preparation). Children expect others to prefer homemade items.

DeJesus, J. M., Klein, N., Kinzler, K. D., & Epley, N. (in preparation). Asymmetric evaluations of selfish and selfless acts emerge early in life.

Book Chapters

Gelman, S. A., & DeJesus, J. M. (forthcoming). Intelligence in childhood. In R. J. Sternberg (Ed.), Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence (2nd ed.).

Rottman, J., DeJesus, J. M., & Greenebaum, H. (forthcoming). Disgust. In V. LoBue, K. Perez-Edgar, & K. Buss (Eds.), Handbook of Emotional Development.

DeJesus, J. M., Kinzler, K. D., & Shutts,, K. (forthcoming). Food cognition and nutrition knowledge. In J. O. Fisher & J. C. Lumeng (Eds), Pediatric Food Preferences and Eating Behaviors.

Rottman, J., DeJesus, J. M., & Gerdin, E.* (2018). The social origins of disgust. In N. Strohminger & V. Kumar (Eds.), The Moral Psychology of Disgust (pp. 27-52). London: Rowman & Littlefield International.

Gelman, S. A., & DeJesus, J. M. (2018). The language paradox: Words invite and impede conceptual change. In T. Amin, & O. Levrini (Eds.), Converging and Complementary Perspectives on Conceptual Change (pp. 89-96). New York: Routledge.

*denotes mentored undergraduate student

+denotes mentored graduate student