Information Technology Services (ITS) is UNCG's central technology organization, providing computing, communications, and data services, and consulting with UNCG faculty/staff/students on technology. ITS is responsible for planning and management of the transmission and utilization of data, voice, and video, in support of the university's academic and administrative goals. ITS promotes best practices, efficient procurement, and overall cost-effectiveness in the use of IT resources across the entire University.

ITS Use of Metrics

ITS uses metrics to better manage services and to inform clients regarding our services. ITS tracks metrics to monitor service delivery (including efficiency & cost-effectiveness), utilization, and client satisfaction. Metrics on this site are grouped by the type of metric, and are also found under their associated service. Over 25 different metrics are posted on this site, and some of these are also included in the ITS Annual Reports (https://its.uncg.edu/About/ ).

Future Metric Development

ITS develops and publishes new metrics on an ongoing basis. Due to the large number of individual metrics in development, ITS is now working on summary “scorecards” to provide a snapshot overview of all metrics related to a particular service. These “scorecards” will provide links to drill‐down views of individual metrics, as demonstrated with the fictional “ITS Carwash” service below.

ITS Sample Scorecard: Summary Example

Note: Scorecard format developed by Office of Information Technologies, University of Notre Dame.

 ITS Sample Scorecard: Drill Down Detail Example

Note: Scorecard drill-down format developed by Office of Information Technologies, University of Notre Dame.

Banner Scorecard

The first Summary Scorecard to be developed will be for Banner-related services. In addition to the reliability (uptime) and client satisfaction metrics published today, this scorecard will include metrics for service utilization (including UNCG custom-built Banner services), and reliability of the “UC4” Banner batch job processing service. Measures regarding use of custom-built features will inform Banner upgrade planning. UC4 measures will help ITS work with clients to improve reliability of the service.

If you have a suggestion about metrics you would like to see on this site, please email Kim Ivey-Bourne.