What causes depression? Who is at elevated risk for depression---and, moreover, under what circumstances? What psychological processes characterize the path to depression? In the UNC-Greensboro Genes, Environment, & Emotion (GEnE) Lab, we seek answers to these questions.

Our research examines the roles of genetic polymorphisms and several types of life stress, working alone and in interaction, on depression and related outcomes such as affective information processing measures.

The GEnE Lab will accept one or more graduate students to UNC-G's Clinical Psychology PhD Program for the 2014-2015 academic year. Experimental Psychology masters program applicants will also be considered. Application information is available here. Please email the principal investigator, Dr. Suzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn [suzanne dot schallhorn at gmail dot com] to indicate your interest before applying. Join us!

The 2013-2014 GEnE Lab Team

The GEnE Lab is located in the