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Threads is UNCG's Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies Student Organization. We host numerous networking events throughout the year to help CARS students find friends, study partners, internships, and meet potential employers.

Our annual Spring Fashion Show is one of our biggest events. The fashion show showcases student work, and exposes CARS students to the community - UNCG and beyond.

Threads is a great portfolio builder, and is a fabulous point of conversation in an interview!



To provide a student organization for the professional development, creative enrichment and fortification of students enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, specifically students of consumer apparel, retail marketing and apparel products design undergraduate program



Threads does not discriminate in offering access to its educational programs and activities on the basis of age, race, color, gender, national origin, disability, religion, veteran status or sexual orientation.

Membership into the CARS student organization is limited to undergraduates and graduates holding a major or minor in the Department of Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies, either full or part time.  A financial obligation will be required per semester.  A member’s dues will be $10.00, to be paid by the second meeting of each semester.  Participation must occur in at least 50% of the fund raising events each semester.

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Officers for 2013-2014
President - Heather Rines  |
VP of Design - Justin Clark  |
VP of Retailing - McKensie Robinson  |
Secretary - Baylen Phillips  |
Treasurer - Ayanna Harrison  |
Event Coordinator - Molly McIndoe  |
Fundraising Coordinator - Rachel Wilson  |
Alumni Coordinator - Chloe Bacot  |
Public Relations Director - Angelica Hines  |
Webmaster - Taylor Rutledge  |
Historian - Anna Sullivan  |




This year's Threads Spring Fashion Show, "The Four Elements," took place on April 5th, 2013 at the Empire Room in historic downtown Greensboro. Designers not only presented work within the Four Elements-themed section, but also had the opportunity to create their own "capsule collections," in which they were able to choose their own theme, music, models, and hair/make-up, giving them maximum creative liberty. This year we had 13 capsule collection designers, and each presented a series of looks which were inherently reflective of their own unique design perspective. With over 500 attendees, this year's show was a huge success. Threads would like to thank this year's sponsors, all production-related personnel, and our members in making the 8th annual Fashion Show an unforgettable night. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Please see below for photographs from the show, provided by Kim Newmoney and Ryland Bishop.

Designer: Sydney Aiken

Designer: Dani Gosha (left)

Designer: DiAndrea Campbell

Designer: Jasmin Sturla

Designer: Ayanna Harrison

Designer: Violeta Vidacak

Designer: Sarah Poston

Designer: Nhi Tran

Designer: Victoria Kim

Designer: John Lin

Designer: Justin Clark

Designer: Rachel Wilson

Threads 2nd Annual Field Trip to the Americasmart's Atlanta Apparel Market
January 25th-27th, 2013
Atl Apparel Mart

For the second year in a row, Threads members took a weekend-long field trip to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Americasmart Apparel Market. This trip allowed members to get an inside glimpse of how the industry works, from buying appointments to fashion shows. With hundreds of apparel, footwear, and accessories brands present, it also provided members with wonderful networking opportunities for future employment or internship opportunities. In addition to attending the market itself, a group dinner, shopping trips, and other activities allowed members to get to know one another and enjoy a weekend in an exciting and bustling metropolis.



March 6th: Beginning of Threads Spring Clothing Drive
April 3rd: Member Meeting & Fashion Show Walkthrough, 6 PM, The Empire Room
April 5th: Threads 8th Annual Fashion Show, 8 PM, The Empire Room
April 10th: Sewing Proficiency Exam Workshop, 6 PM, Stone Sewing Lab
April 24th: Last Member Meeting and 2013-2014 Officer Elections, 7:30 PM, Albanese Auditorium
May 1st: Spring Social, 7:30 PM, Albanese Auditorium