Psi Chi Officers

President- Alyssa Mielock

Alyssa Mielock is a senior psychology major with an American Sign Language minor. She is interested in research that combines cognitive and clinical psychology. Alyssa was awarded her second OUR Undergraduate Research Creative Award and is completing her own experiment under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Kwapil. She hopes to attend graduate school to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology. During her free-time, Alyssa loves to camp and hike in the mountains.

Fun Fact: Alyssa loves to run and will be participating in her 5th half-marathon in October.


Co-President- Markeela Lipscomb

Markeela Lipscomb is a senior psychology major with a sociology minor. She is primarily interested in the clinical psychology field, but also holds some interest for the cognitive field as well. Markeela is currently working in Dr. Thomas Kwapil's research lab, where she is conducting her own reach for which she received an OUR Undergraduate Research creativity Award. Markeela aspires to attend graduate school to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is very determined to make new advances and discoveries in the field psychology. In her free time she loves to hang out with friends and read books!

Fun Fact: Markeela is allergic to chocolate, but you still may see her eating it


Treasurer- Kyle Nelson

Kyle Nelson is a senior psychology major with a communication studies minor. He is interested in social psychology with a focus on group processes and human behavior in the context of various social situations. Kyle works in Dr. Paul Silvia’s research lab, which focuses on creativity and humor. He hopes to attend graduate school to earn his master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology. Kyle enjoys traveling during his free time outside of his academics.


Webmaster- Macy Giles

Macy Giles is a senior psychology major, currently working in the ADHD research lab on campus. She hopes to attend graduate school to obtain her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. With that degree she wishes to work in the school system to promote mental health using occupational therapy techniques for children and youth. She currently works for Lindley Habilitation Services and enjoys volunteering at Victory Junction. In her free time Macy loves reading, crafting, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family.


 Secretary- Angela 

Angela is a Senior and is a Psychology major with Sociology Minor. She is an honors student in the D.U.C.K. Lab and in her second year as the lab manager. She hopes to get her doctorate in counseling children and teens. Her hobbies include working with kids/babysitting, mentoring teens on Sunday nights, and spending time with her friends and family. Angela loves the color pink and her fish Oswald.

 Social Chair- Nicole Pocchiari


Faculty Advisor- Dr. Gabriela Livas Stein

Dr. Gabriela Livas Stein is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at UNCG. She is a clinical child/adolescent psychologist who specializes with working with ethnically diverse populations. She directs the CAMINOS lab that focuses on understanding risk and resilience in the lives of ethnic minority and immigrant youth and their families. This is her first year as Psi Chi Faculty Advisor and is looking forward to getting to work with such a vibrant group of members.