Spring 2015:

January 26th: (EBE 250) IO Presentation: This presentation focuses on the introduction to the field of Industrial/Organizational psychology and expands on the job titles influenced by choosing this career path.


February 9th: (EBE 284) Movie Night. This event features none other than: Good Will Hunting which will be discussed at the end of the movie. Program includes: popcorn and soda.


February 23th: (EBE 284) PhD vs Psy. D: This presentation discusses the benefits of both degrees and reflects the appropriate schools and careers.


March 23th: Research Day.


April 6th: Counseling Presentation 


April 9th-10th: Kennen Smith Lectures (Major Event if in attendance for 4, Minor if in attendance for 2.)


April 20th: Elections/ Games


April 29th: Inductions

Fall 2014:

September 22nd (EBE) at 5pm: CV/Personal Statement Workshop: This workshop, provided by the Career Services Center of UNCG, will teach Psi Chi members how to prepare and write a CV as well as a personal statement, which are required for admission to graduate school.

October 20th (EBE 250) at 5pm: Graduate School Information Session: This event will provide undergraduates information about the graduate school process.  Representatives including professors and current graduate students from each discipline of psychology will be available on a panel to answer any questions students may have about applying, interviewing, and the acceptance process of getting into a Psychology Graduate Program.


November 9th (Cone Ballroom, EUC) 1pm-4pm: Canstruction- Minor Event: This event is organized by Alpha Lambda Delta in which many student organizations collect canned goods to donate. Using these canned goods, each student group creates a structure for competition against the other organizations. In the past, Psi Chi has won best overall structure, for making a structure of the brain out of the cans.


November 11th (EBE 250) at 5pm: Movie Night: This event is an informal social event to come and meet fellow Psi Chi members. This event also includes watching a movie that relates to psychology and afterword a professor will lead a discussion on the accuracy of the depiction of the psychological concepts in the movie. Many of the psychology professors offer this event to their students as extra credit.

November 17th (EBE 250) at 5pm: Body Meeting/Thanksgiving Social event: This is a social event and is mandatory, especially for the seniors graduating in December. 

March 18-21, 2015: Southeastern Psychological Association Conference in Hilton Head, SC


Spring 2014:

General Body Meeting/Trivia Night
January 27th, EBER 250
Major Event

Movie Night 
February 10th, NMOR 130
Major Event

March 5th-8th Nashville, TN
*Conference (deadline to sign up has passed)

GRE Night
March 24th, NMOR 130
Major Event

KSL Lecture Series
April 10, and 11th, SOEB 114 and Curry 225
1:30-4:30, 9:00-12:15
Minor and Major 

Relay for Life 
April 11th, UNCG Soccer Stadium 6pm
Minor Event

Elections/Scavenger Hunt
April 14th, NMOR 130
Major Event

April 30th (Reading Day), 12-2pm 
*Mandatory Event: required for all members 

*All events are at 5pm, unless otherwise noted. Locations will be announced via email! 

*Active Membership*: 

To receive recognition for being a member of Psi Chi/Psy Club you must be an active member. 
This means you must attend 75% of the main events (4 out of 5) or 50% of the main events (3 out of 5) and all minor events. 
Only members that meet these requirements will receive recognition and their honors cords when graduating.

Fall 2013:

Body Meeting
September 9th at 5pm in NMOR 130
Major event

Walk for Autism
September 28th at 8:45 am on Jackson Library Lawn
Minor event

CV/Personal Statement Workshop:
October 7th at 5pm NMOR 130
Major event

Grad School Panel
October 21st at 5pm NMOR 130
Major event

Movie Night
November 4th at 5pm Eberhart 250
Major event


November 10th 1-4pm 

EUC Cone Ballroom A&B 

 Minor event

Please Note:

The requirements for active membership are: you must attend at least 75% of major events (3 of the 4 events) offered each semester. Major events are held once a month. Psi Chi also offers minor events, such as conferences, or workshops Psi Chi is not organizing. 2 minor events can make up for 1 major event.
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