Chapter History

Five aspiring young men felt the need to fulfill a void at UNCG. In the Spring of 1988 the mission was complete. Rho Beta was established and operating it's various community programs that set the pace of fraternities on this campus and the state to the present day.

Rho Beta set out not to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, but to embolden a path of it's own. Programs, social events, community functions and a host of other agendas were laid out by the chapter. Two months after Rho Beta was founded the chapter won its claim to fame: First Place in the Spring Fling Step Show! Rho Beta received awards from their peers, Sigma National and Regional Offices, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council awards for most outstanding service at UNCG two years back to back (88 and 89). Rho Beta was Regional Chapter of the Year. Rho Beta also won an Honorable Mention at the National Conclave held in 1989.

Rho Beta was responsible for founding the chapter of the NAACP on the campus of UNCG, and being the only fraternity constitutionally bound to a sister organization; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Rho Beta assisted in the founding of the Omega Nu chapter of Zeta Phi Beta in March of 1989!

Founded: February 12, 1988

Founder: Rodric W. Joyner 
Gamma Beta Sigma Alumni Chapter


Founded: February 12, 1988
Founder: Rodric W. Joyner
Gamma Beta Sigma Alumni Chapter

Charter Line
Spring ’88 Blue Genesis: A New Beginning
Dean of Pledges: Rodric W. Joyner

1. Vern Bolden “Dr. Strange”
2. Reggie Ramseur “Moody Blue II”
3. Lamar Gill “Smooth Operator”
4. Joe White “Garfield”
5. Keith Rush “Material Boy”

First Initiates
Spring ’89 Blue Fever
1. Rod Rankin “Rhythm”
2. Stephon Gray “Code Blue” Omega Chapter

Fall ’89 Stronger Than Pride

1. Billy Pennix “Joker”
2. Tim Godfrey “Demand”
3. Blake Manus “Webster”

Spring ’90 Blue Renaissance

1. Sean Merriman “Walkman”
2. Hihram Thompson “Blue Cheeze”

Spring ’91 Blue Turmoil

1. Donovan Rodgers “Flash”

Fall ’91 Blue By Nature

1. Mark Bass “Heathcliff”
2. Thomas Reeves “Xtreme”

Spring ’92 Wise Guys

1. Al Echard “Doo Tee”
2. Chris Gooding “Hulk”
3. Douglas Kilgore “Gumble”
4. Elworth Smith “Time Bomb”

Summer ’92 Controversy

1. Deron Ford “Time Value”

Spring ’95 Blue Deuce
Intake Coordinator: Chicko James

4. Greg Echerd “Dr. Death”
6. Terrence Morrow “Dr. Seuss”

Fall ’96 Blue Genesis II: Sigma Strikes Back
Intake Coordinator: Frantz Dautuche

2. Derek Artis “2 Smart”
3. Calvin Exum “Black-N-Mild”
4. Matthew Hughey “Blu-Lyric”

Spring ’97 Last Man Standing
Intake Coordinator: Greg Echerd

1. Andre Hill “Discretion”

Spring ’98 Mission Impossible: Trump Tight
Intake Coordinator: Matthew Hughey

1. LeShawn Roberts “Ace of Hearts”
2. Lamar Anderson “Deuces Wild”
3. Jonathan Buford “3 of a Kind”
4. Zeshan Baig “Lil’ Joker”
5. Dennis Stevenson “Poker Face

Spring ’99 Fire and the Flame
Intake Coordinator: Andre Hill

1. Brian Campbell “Cause-N-Effect”
2. Thomas Denton “2nd Degree

Spring 2000 The Spectrum
Intake Coordinator: Gregory Holman

1. Jamal Jordan “Altitude”
2. Ryan Singletary “Einstein”

Summer 2000 The Hype
Intake Coordinator: Gregory Holman

1. Bryan Lawlor “Incognito”

Spring 2001 Sole Proprietor
Intake Coordinator: Gregory Holman

1. Jason Geddie “Nonchalant

Spring 2002 3 The Hard Way
Intake Coordinator: Brian Campbell

2. Atuya Cornwell “Deception”
3. L. Darius Peterson “Country Gramma”
4.Tavius Lewis “Maestro”

Spring 2003 B.O.A. Against All Odds
Intake Coordinator: Ryan Singletary

1.Stephen Bowden “Boomerang”
2. Geoffrey Miller “Tank”
3. Bobby Hopkins “Showtime”

Spring 2004 Disappearing Acts
Intake Coordinator: Tavius Lewis

1.William Moore “Malice”

Spring 2005 The Odyssey
Intake Coordinator: L. Darius Peterson

1. Terry Jones “Ceaser”
2. Isaac Crumpton “W.I.S.E.”
3. Charles Gibson “Prodigy”

Spring 2006 Experiment Blue 1 and O.N.L.E
Intake Coordinator: William Moore

1.Bruce Blackwell “Phase-One”

Fall 2006 The Sum of All Fears
Intake Coordinator: Terry Jones

1. Octavian Reeves “Problematic”

Fall 2008 Experiment Blue II: Like Father, Like Son
Intake Coordinator: Bruce Blackwell

3. Eddie Hubert "Serene TurBLUenc∑"

                                                                       Spring 2010 L.A.W. Abiding Citizens                                                                         Intake Intake Coordinator: Bruce Blackwell    

1. Raymond Wise "Complet∑ ADDition"
2. Rufai Ibrahim "Re-pro-DEUC∑"
3. Jamal White "Terminat-∑R"


Maurice Mcfolling Spring '87
Chicko James Fall '90 Omega Chapter
Frantz Dautruche "Smiley" Summer '90
Gregory "Bishop" Holman "Fists of Fury" Spring '98
Kela Hunt "Flex" Fall '90
Courtney Addison "Bronx Tale" Fall '99
Michael Marsh "Passiv∑ R∑sistanc∑" Summer '09
Raynald Desameau "War Machine" Spring '08