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Teaching Track

Emerging technologies in business intelligence and social media are fueling a need for innovative curricula in online, traditional and hybrid delivery formats that meet the industry needs. In keeping with the BA Congress theme of “Exploring the Analytics Frontier”, we seek pedagogical research contributions, teaching materials, and pedagogical practices/cases that address acquisition, application, and continued development of the knowledge and skills required in the usage of business analytics in the classroom, with emphasis on business intelligence, social media analytics, big data analytics, high performance analytics, data science, visualization, and other emerging analytic technologies

Contributions could be comprehensive research or research-in-progress in teaching and learning addressing topics including but not limited to:

·         Business Analytics Curriculum development with assessment methods

o   Bodies of Knowledge (BOK) for Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Science

o   Developing interdisciplinary focus that cuts across traditional functional areas

o   Differentiating business analytics curricula for Undergraduate, MBA, Master of Science and Executive Education, and tailoring curricula to generalists and specialists.

o   Integration of IT and analytics skills

o   New BA programs

o   New BA courses

·         Pedagogical Innovation in Business Analytics

o   Teaching approaches and their effectiveness

o   Course delivery innovation (online, hybrid, student interaction, etc.)

o   Industry collaborations to create simulated industry projects

o   Gaming and/or simulation and their effectiveness

·         Organizational case studies (with teaching note) that provide rich stories of individual organizations' management and technological initiatives and address a variety of issues in management sponsorship, strategic priorities, adoption and implementation of analytics, technical challenges, collaboration, communication, and actionable results in business analytics:

o   Different stakeholders involved in decision making process and their role in implementation success

o   Role of strategic planning in adoption and implementation success

o   Demonstrate effectiveness of a technological solution approach versus other alternatives

o   Organizational challenges and barriers

o   Metrics to measure effectiveness of these technologies to enhance business value

o   Success factors and reasons for failure

o   Ethical and/or global issues

·         Tutorial  exercises (with teaching note) that provide a business scenario, data sets, and step-by-step introduction to the latest business analytics tools

o   Integration of data management and analytics

o   Integration of analytics and visualization

o   Integration of diverse analytics tools and platforms

·         Business Analytics software in the classroom

o   Use of platform and/or software to enhance pedagogy for data mining, text mining, and sentiment analysis using social media data, and big data

o   Tools and technologies

o   Cloud vs. on-site software solutions

o   Open source vs. proprietary solutions

Paper Guidelines:

The template for BA Congress is modeled after ICIS template. Compile your paper using the attached template for BAC 2015. 

Review criteria are as follows:

·         Topic is relevant to track's theme and will draw an audience.

·         Objectives and issues are clear and well-described.

·         Paper and/or teaching case is clearly written.

·         Paper and/or teaching case is well organized and flows logically.

·         Literature integration is appropriate.

·         Methodology (or case exhibit) is appropriate.

·         Analyses are appropriate

·         Evidence supports authors' arguments.

·         Paper makes contributions to the field, or has potential for contributions.

Page Limit Requirements:

Full research papers and teaching cases must not exceed 14 pages. Teaching note for cases and tutorials must not exceed five (5) single-spaced pages.

Research-in-progress papers must not exceed 7 pages.

All submissions must conform to the submission template and follow the instructions in the document. The page limit must include all text, figures, tables, and references but exclude the cover page, abstract, keywords and references. Submissions should be anonymized.  Do not include a cover page – it will be added after acceptance of manuscripts.  Instead, include author names, institutions, an abstract, and keywords in your e-mail with the paper submission.

Important Dates

Submit papers as an email attachment addressed to all three Teaching Track Chairs listed below. Please use “BAC Teaching Track paper submission” as the subject line.

Sule Balkan, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan;

Joseph Clark, Arizona State University;

Nick Evangelopoulos, University of North Texas;