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Business Analytics Congress 2015 will provide a platform for conducting workshops, panels, and tutorials on wide-ranging topics related to business analytics, involving both industry and academic communities. Individuals or teams interested in conducting a panel, workshop, or tutorial are invited to submit 500-1000 word proposals themed around “Exploring the Analytics Frontier”. The proposal needs to include the objectives, issues to be covered, names and affiliations of any other panel, workshop, tutorial organizers. (Note: All panel, workshop, and tutorial organizers and attendees are required register for the conference.) 

A panel is typically a 90-minute moderated session that involves 3-5 experts discussing or debating on a certain topic area related to analytics (research, practice, pedagogy). It is suggested that panelists represent different perspectives on the topic (e.g., industry, academia). A panel should have a well-defined agenda, specifically allowing for Q & A and discussion towards the end of the session. A brief panel report will be included as part of the proceedings. 

A workshop may range from quarter-day to half day and involve "hands-on" component. Workshops may be conducted by individuals or by teams of experts in a certain area related to data science. The structure ought to primarily involve description of hands-on activities that will provide new skill-sets to participants and introduce them to advanced concepts in the areas related to analytics and big data technologies. Relevant background material and instructions (e.g., access to datasets, software tools, etc.) may be provided to attendees by the workshop organizers prior or during the workshop. A brief workshop report will be included as part of the proceedings.

A tutorial could range anywhere from 90-minutes to 120-minutes in duration with the objective of giving  subject matter insights to the participants. Some tutorials may be advanced seminars that represent an in-depth survey of the topic for those who already have significant background in the area under discussion while other could focus on broad overview coverage. A brief tutorial report will be included as part of the proceedings.

Please contact the co-chairs if you have questions.

David Douglas
University of Arkansas,
David Schrader 
Teradata University Network,