National and State

Editorial Positions

Editor, Theory & Research in Social Education, 2016-present
Associate Editor, Theory & Research in Social Education, 2014-2016
Interdisciplinary Education Feature Editor, Social Studies Research and Practice, 2010-2014

Review Boards, Editorial Boards, and Invited Reviews

Member, Editorial Review Board, Kappa Delta Pi Record, 2014-present
Member, Board of Reviewers, Journal of Social Studies Research, 2009-present

Member, Board of Reviewers, Social Studies Research and Practice, 2008-present
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Sociological Research, 2009-present
Guest Reviewer, Teachers College Record, 2011; 2016
Guest Reviewer, Theory & Research in Social Education, 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014
Guest Reviewer, The High School Journal, 2009; 2013; 2015; 2016
Guest Reviewer, The History Teacher, 2016
Guest Reviewer, Teacher Education and Practice, 2010; 2011
Guest Reviewer, Research in the Teaching of English, 2010; 2011
Guest Reviewer, NASSP Bulletin, 2011
Guest Reviewer, Educational Studies, 2011, 2016
Guest Reviewer, Journal of Curriculum Studies, 2012
Guest Reviewer, Educational Researcher, 2012

Guest Reviewer, Education Sciences, 2012
Guest Reviewer, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 2013
Guest Reviewer, Language Arts, 2013, 2014
Guest Reviewer, SAGE Open, 2014
Guest Reviewer, Journal of Educational Computing Research, 2015
Guest Reviewer, Journal of Political Science Education, 2015
Guest Reviewer, Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 2015, 2016
Guest Reviewer, Teacher Education Quarterly, 2015
Guest Reviewer, Journal of School Leadership, 2015
Guest Reviewer, American Politics Research, 2015
Guest Reviewer, Computers & Education, 2016
Guest Reviewer, Learning, Media and Technology, 2016
Guest Reviewer, Review of Educational Research, 2017
Guest Reviewer, PS: Political Science & Politics, 2017
Guest Reviewer, Democracy & Education, 2017
Reviewer, Book Proposal for Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2013
Reviewer, Book Proposal for Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2013
Reviewer, Book Proposal for Corwin Press, 2015
Member, Editorial Advisory Board for Teacher Education Programs and Online Learning Tools: Innovations in Teacher Preparation (R. Hartshorne, T. Heafner, & T. Petty, Eds.)
Member, Editorial Advisory Board for Emerging Priorities and Trends in Distance Education: Communication, Pedagogy, and Technology (V. Yuzer & G. Eby, Eds.)
Reviewer, American Educational Studies Association Critics Choice Book Award, 2014
Chapter Reviewer, Handbook of Social Studies Research, 2015

University External Reviews

External reviewer for Promotion & Tenure candidate, Baylor University, 2016
External reviewer for Promotion & Tenure candidate, James Madison University, 2017

Invited external reviewer for University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education’s Doctoral Dissertation Rubric, 2016

Membership in Professional Organizations

American Educational Research Association (AERA)
        --Division C--Learning and Instruction
        --Research in Social Studies Education SIG
        --Teaching History SIG
        --Foucault and Education SIG
College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) of the National Council for the Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
North Carolina Council for the Social Studies (NCCSS)
North Carolina Professors of Social Studies Education (NCPSSE)
International Society for the Social Studies (ISSS)

Service Within Professional Organizations

Program Chair, Research in Social Studies SIG, 2014-2015
Assistant Program Chair, Research in Social Studies SIG, 2013-2014
Newsletter Editor, Research in Social Studies SIG, 2012-2013

Reviewer,  Conference Proposals, 2008-present
        --Division B (Curriculum Studies)
                --Section 5 (Studies in History and Philosophy)
        --Division C (Learning and Instruction)
                --Section 1b (Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts)
                --Section 7 (Technology Research)
        --Division K (Teaching and Teacher Education)
                --Section 1 (Teaching and Teacher Education in the Content Areas)
                --Section 2 (Quality Teaching of PK-12 Students)
        --Social Studies Research SIG
        --Teaching History SIG

Discussant, AERA Annual Meeting
        --2013 (Social Studies Research SIG Paper Session entitled, "Critical Issues and Innovations in Social Studies Research and             Practice")
        --2017 (Social Studies Research SIG Paper Session entitled, "Curriculum and Purpose in the Social Studies")

Session Chair, AERA Annual Meeting
2015 (Division C, Section 1b Paper session entitled, “Critical Perspectives on Pedagogy Across Content Areas”)
        --2014 (Teaching History SIG Paper Session entitled, "Media, Imagery, and History Education")
        --2013 (Division C, Section 1b Roundtable Session entitled, "Trends and Issues in Civic Education")
        --2013 (Teaching History SIG Roundtable Session entitled, "Global Perspectives on History Education")
        --2012 (Division K, Section 2 Roundtable Session entitled, "New Possibilities in Social Studies Education")

Member, CUFA Executive Board, 2013-2016 (ex-officio, TRSE Editor, 2016-present)
Member, CUFA Search Committee for CITE Editor, 2015-2016
Investigation Developer for NCSS Webinar Series on the C3 Framework
CUFA Representative to the Government & Political Relations Standing Committee of NCSS, 2009-2015
Faculty Mentor, CUFA Graduate Student Mentoring Program, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Reviewer, CUFA Conference Proposals, 2009; 2010; 2011, 2012, 2013
Reviewer, CUFA Graduate Student Proposals, 2009
Discussant, CUFA Conference, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015
Discussant, CUFA Graduate Student Roundtables, 2013, 2014

Board of Directors, 2012-2015
Chair, Scholarships and Grants Committee, 2013-2015

President, 2013-2015
President-Elect, 2011-2013

Service Related to State Standards/Teacher Preparation

Participant, "Building Capacity for Educative Implementation of edTPA," held by UNC General Administration, UNC Center for Leadership Development, Chapel Hill, NC, 5/13/16

Participant, "Navigating the Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers," held by NC Department of Instruction, UNCG School of Education, Greensboro, NC, 7/11/16


University Service

School of Education Representative, University Faculty Grievance Committee, 2017-2020
Chair, Faculty Senate Budget Committee, 2013-2016
Member, Chancellor's Budget Sounding Board, 2013-2016
Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Curriculum KIN220 Decision, 2016
Keynote Speaker, UNCG Chancellor's New Student Convocation, 2014
Member, UNCG Greek Life Task Force, 2015-2016
School of Education Representative, Faculty Senate Budget Committee, 2012-2019
Faculty Advisor, UNCG chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, 2013-present
Faculty Participant, UNCG Ready to Teach videos, 2015
Panelist, UNCG Merit Awards Program Student Interviews, 2011

School of Education/Departmental Service

Chair of the School of Education Faculty Assembly, 2016-2017
Chair-Elect of the School of Education Faculty Assembly, 2015-2016

Assistant Professor Representative, School of Education Faculty Council, 2013-2015
Secondary Teacher Education Program Coordinator, 2015-present
Secondary Social Studies Program Coordinator, 2009-present
Member of the Secondary Teacher Education Program, 2009-present
Member of the Middle Grades Teacher Education Program, 2009-present
Chair of the TEHE Search Committee for Elementary Social Studies Faculty Member, 2012-2013
Member of the School of Education Instructional Technology Coordinator Search Committee, 2014
Member of the School of Education Placement Coordinator Search Committee, 2015
Member of the School of Education Director of Assessment Search Committee, 2017
Member of the TEHE Annual Review Committee, 2014-present
Member of the TEHE Search Committee for Elementary Literacy Faculty Member, 2010-2011
Member of the TEHE Search Committee for Secondary Mathematics Faculty Member, 2009-2010
Member of the School of Education Technology SIG, 2012-present
Member of the Council of Program Coordinators in the School of Education, 2009-present
Member, Ad Hoc Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, 2015
Member of the UNCG Teaching Fellows Advisory Board, 2014-present
Kappa Delta Pi Faculty Advisor, 2012-present
Faculty Mentor for Dr. Jeannette Alarcon, 2013-present
Faculty Mentor for Dr. Sara Heredia, 2016-present
Coordinator of annual TEHE doctoral student job talk symposium, 2011-present.
Discussant/Moderator for the Triad Teacher Researchers Conference at UNCG, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
Reader, School of Education Commencement Ceremony, 2011; 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Panelist, Teacher's Academy OSTE Training, 2011, 2015

Student Advising

Education Advisor, secondary social studies undergraduate seniors
Advisor and Committee Chair, secondary social studies M.Ed. (CPT & TLT) students

Chair, Miguel Gomez, Spring 2016, TPACK in Practice: A Qualitative Study of Middle School Social Studies Teachers in a 1:1 Laptop Environment (Assistant Professor, Murray State University)

Chair, Cheryl A. Ayers, Summer 2015, A Qualitative Study of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Personal Orientations toward Economics of Award-Winning Secondary Economics Teachers (Associate Director, Center for Liberal Arts at the University of Virginia)

Co-Chair, Jayme N. Linton, Summer 2014, A Case Study of an Electronic Learning Community as a Community of Practice for New and Veteran Online Teachers (Assistant Professor, Lenoir-Rhyne University)

Co-Chair, Lisa Brown Buchanan, Spring 2012, Using Film to Think Historically About the Civil Rights Movement With Elementary Preservice Teachers (Assistant Professor, UNC-Wilmington)

Committee Member, Allison Palmadessa, Spring 2014, Higher Education and the Discursive Construction of American National Identity, 1946-2013 (Assistant Professor, Greensboro College)

In Progress:

Committee Member, Ben McFadyen (LIS/TEHE), Fall 2013-present

Community Service

Guest speaker to 9th grade students from Lee Early College, 3/11/16

Community guest speaker, Dalton McMichael High School, 8/29/14

Presented a session entitled Historical Inquiry: The Kent State Shootings at the Guilford County Schools Social Studies Institute, 8/21/13.  I also presented this session at  Guilford County Schools Middle Grades social studies inservices on 11/7/13 and 8/20/14.

Helping to create a Professional Development School at Ben Smith High School as part of STEP