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Student Association of Sociology (SAS)


SAS was created by a group of undergraduate students in the Sociology Department in 2008 and has been active since. We are trying to have one or more community service events, one fundraiser event, and one or more social events each semester. 

SAS strongly encourages all members to be involved in at least 10 hours of community service a semester.  For SAS members who are also active members in AKD, the 10 hours can be from volunteering in either/both organization(s).

We are trying to grow the club and raise the visibility of the club and the department.  There are many positions of leadership available in the club and this year, we had many students volunteer to take on most of the leadership positions, but will be needing a lot of support from the club members through committee membership. 

The August meetings of SAS for Fall 2010 will be in the Sociology Conference Room, Fretwell 480C on Monday, August 29th at 1:00.