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* AKD Invitees (Initiates) Information

Students who have been invited to join AKD:
  • If you choose to accept the invitation sent from UNC Charlotte’s Eta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, please bring your initiation fee of $50.00 to Susan Jayson in suite 476 in the Sociology Department by September 30, 2010.


    •  An initiation fee of $50.00 establishes a lifetime membership in Alpha Kappa Delta.
    • The Eta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta considers you an active member of the Chapter upon payment of the initiation fee, though your lifetime membership with the Society will not become active until after the formal induction ceremony at the end of the semester.
    • After paying your initiation fee, download the activation form from the link at the bottom of this page, complete the form, and submit it to Mary McKenzie, the faculty adviser for our Chapter.  The activation forms will be submitted to AKD International in December and in May.


  •  At the formal induction ceremony, held at the end of semester awards ceremony, all initiates receive certificates of membership and honor cords that can be worn at graduation.
  • Initiates who return completed membership activation forms become active members of the Society for one year.
    • Active members receive the AKD Newsletter and Sociological Inquiry, the official journal of the Society, as well as other services.
    • After the first year, lifetime members can remain active by paying an annual renewal fee.  
    • Initiates are not obligated to become or remain active members. 


  • All initiates automatically become members of the Student Association of Sociology (SAS) and become eligible to join us on our trip to the Southern Sociological Society’s Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana in March.
  • All initiates also become eligible to tutor Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Theory, Research Methods, and/or Quantitative Analysis in our Sociology Peer Tutoring Center to earn community service hours. The certificate for the earned hours will be presented at the end of the year ceremony.
Mary McKenzie,
Sep 4, 2010, 11:37 AM