Public Opinion, Learning and Sentiment Lab (POLS-Lab): A Resource for Survey Experiments at UNC Charlotte

POLS-Lab offers resources and research support to scholars at UNC Charlotte interested in running survey-based experiments or focus groups in the area of  public policy, public opinion, communications, political or economic behavior, social psychology, and public administration. The lab welcomes participation from faculty, graduate, and undergraduate researchers in a variety of fields. 

POLS-Lab has the capacity to administer lab-based survey experiments using Qualtrics Survey Software to 22 subjects per session. Each station is equipped with headphones. 10 stations can be equipped with video cameras.  We also administer surveys online to student and non-student subject pools.    

The purpose of this website is to provide information and resources to experimental researchers, including information about upcoming or ongoing studies associated with POLS-Lab.

Seeking Subjects. 

POLS-LAB needs student subjects.  If you are willing to give extra credit to your students for participating in experiments, please register your class with the Class Registration Form.  We'll send you information on how your students can sign up for Sona and provide you with a list of participation credits they've received at the end of the semester.  

Students can sign up for studies through Political Science and Public Administration's SONA site:

Omnibus Studies
We run Omnibus Studies each semester. We typically have one lab study (LSE) and up to two online modules (OSE1 and OSE2), depending on the number of projects and needs if researchers.  Lab studies may contain video and audio. Projected subject pool size is 200 for the Lab studies 250 to 350 for each online study.  If you are interested in creating a module to include on one of the studies in the fall, please contact or Dr. Cherie Maestas at

Content for fall is due by September 15.  Content for spring is due January 15.  See Researcher Instructions

If you are interested in proposing an experimental study for one of the omnibus studies in fall or spring, please complete the Researcher Proposal Form and send it to  Graduate and undergraduate students must have a faculty sponsor willing to review their experiments.

See our Resources page for links to study pre-registrations sites, power calculators, and a library of journal articles and book chapters related to experimental methods and subject pool comparisons.

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