Open Call for ICCBR 2015 Student Travel Support

NSF Student Travel Support to ICCBR 2015

ICCBR 2015 is pleased to announce that funding to support student travel to the conference has been granted by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Student travel support is managed by Dr. David Wilson at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, in coordination with the other ICCBR 2015 conference organizers.  

Support is made subject to submission and review of an application. The amount of support available will depend on the number of applicants, but for students who receive the award, we expect a minimum level of USD: $500.

  • Jul 29, 2015 - Submission Details, Air Travel Notice Added
  • Jul 28, 2015 - Call Posted
Air Travel
  • Please note that since this support comes from the U.S. National Science Foundation, there is a government restriction on airlines that are eligible as part of the travel support.  If the airline is U.S. based or European Union based, it should be eligible.  But please keep this in mind as you plan your travel and consider participation in the program.  Details on this restriction can be found at, though they are long on legal speak and short on practical usefulness. If you have not yet booked air travel and have a question about a specific carrier, please contact Dr. Wilson. 

To be eligible for this support from NSF, the main requirements are:
  • The applicant must be a full-time student at the time of ICCBR 2015, working in an area related to Case-Based Reasoning.
  • The student must be U.S.-Based.  This means that the student must either be (1) a U.S. Citizen, or (2) if the student is not a U.S. citizen then they must be studying at a U.S. institution.
  • Funding is for travel transportation only.  Not registration, not accommodation. Only transportation to/from ICCBR 2015.
  • The student must submit a brief application for support, detailed below.


Applications for support must include:
  1. A one-page statement from the student indicating their background, research focus or interest, confirmed ICCBR 2015 participation, and estimated financial need for travel. This should also explicitly confirm how the student meets the eligibility requirement.
  2. A brief letter of support from the student's advisor or mentor. This should include contact details, in case direct confirmation is required.
  3. Supporting documentation of U.S. citizenship or currently active status in an academic program at a U.S. college or university. This can take a number of forms, but must be beyond self-statement. For example, an explicit confirmatory statement in the Advisor/Mentor letter, or a passport scan, or current formal transcript / registration documentation.

Application Submission

Student applications should be submitted as a single PDF document attachment to an email entitled: “ICCBR 2015 Student Travel Support Application”. The email should be sent directly to Dr. David Wilson (

Applications will be prioritized based first on demonstrated level of conference participation.  First priority will be given to students accepted to and participating in the Doctoral Consortium, Main Technical Program, Workshop Program, and Computer Cooking Contest.  Secondary consideration for prioritization will be given to factors including estimated financial need and timing of application receipt.

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis for students with accepted participation in aspects of the conference program, and otherwise by the priority deadline of August 31, 2015. After that time, applications may be considered subject to remaining availability of funding. Applications will no longer be considered after September 18, 2015.

Approval and Support Details

The amount of support available will depend on the number of applicants, but for students who are approved to receive support, we expect a minimum level of USD: $500. 

The student travel support will take the form of reimbursement on participant expenses for transportation to/from ICCBR 2015. Awardees must provide documentation of actual transportation expenses incurred, particularly including receipts for transportation expenses claimed. Transportation expenses that are not documented will not be eligible for reimbursement under the award.

Please note that administrative resources for award processing are limited. Therefore, only one complete reimbursement request for participant expenses will be processed per awardee. Multiple partial requests or supplemental requests for reimbursement will not be processed.  It is expected that complete requests for approved support will be submitted after ICCBR 2015 travel is complete. Students approved for support that are in the circumstance that travel is simply not possible without earlier processing should get in touch with Dr. Wilson.

  • August 31, 2015 - Priority deadline for applications.
  • September 18, 2015 - Cutoff deadline for applications.

For questions about student travel support for ICCBR 2015, contact Dr. David Wilson, (