SCI-South Regional Meeting in Nashville TN: April 21-22, 2017

Hosted at UNC Asheville, the Sencer Center of Innovation-South is a community of educators dedicated to the teaching of science at all levels through the SENCER values and pedagogies. Our mission is to promote STEM education that engages the challenging and complex social and civic issues we face today, and conversely to engage these challenges and complexities through the lens of science and scientific method. Although we offer support for grant collaborations, workshops, regional meetings, and other forms of consultation to schools and organizations across the U.S., we primarily engage the Southern region (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas). SENCER Regional Meeting, UNC Asheville

We are excited to announce the spring 2017 Regional Meeting of the SENCER Center of Innovation South with the theme of Developing Professionals, at Lipscomb University. SENCER SCI-South hopes you will join us to learn about regional innovative research in STEM Education. Topics include undergraduate STEM education for majors and non-majors, assessment of teaching and learning, informal science education, as well as pre-kindergarten through 12th grade STEM education.

The regional meeting coincides with the Nashville Film Festival, so please register here and make your Nashville hotel reservations soon! 

The SENCER Center of Innovation - South is soliciting short papers and posters for 20 minute presentations at its Spring 2017 Regional Meeting at Lipscomb University. Our theme is Developing Professionals: an intentionally inclusive theme, embracing SENCER-style STEM education for college science majors; the non-major; and the scientist to be, our K-12 students. Submit poster or talk proposal Submissions should present projects or curriculum design aimed at expanding student interest in STEM learning, through an exploration of the connection between science and its civic or social impact. Our particular interest is to facilitate our colleagues’ creativity and exploration of such projects on their own campuses, through encounters with your model and experiences, particularly through the lessons you have learned in doing this important work.

Our primary interest is to disseminate such projects to other campuses, which will be facilitated by our exploration and encounters with your model coupled with the lessons you learned through experience while doing this important work.

For more information and to submit, select the present link.