This is the future home of ReStorying Community Workshop, a collaborative project between UNCA students  and community people.  The goal is to use stories to build community. 

Students meeting with Mr. William Irby at the Burton Street Peace Garden (above)
Photo Credit: Frank C. Jones

Restorying Community Poem by John McIntyre

Articulation of restoration Inducing solutions 

While the motion of a semi-learned, concerned ocean 

Flows beneath our staggered theories, Weary of standardized relationships 

Insight, a pen lifts to chase emotions 

But we’re shown, yet again 

An underlying hymn And then basking ecstatically 

Eyes look into eyes, emphatically 

Soon, everyone rants erratically 

As the words hearken back to many different places 

Of crying, dying, singing, being, sinful, blissful, also uneventful, 

And the torrential changes meld into 

The multicolored ranges 

Of feeling 

That create this community 

The sooner we understand 

Barriers become broken, As promises are spoken, 

Or perhaps whispered, So as not to disrupt the tranquil mindset 

Observed, And kept, 

As lovers contentedly have slept, 

And children quietly have wept.

[Students meeting with Mr.  William Irby at the Burton Street Peace Garden....Photo Credit: Frank C. Jones]