I've been using Mathematica since I started graduate school in 1989 and I still use it extensively in teaching and research. I have been a columnist forMathematica in Education and Research, have written a chapter to appear in Stan Wagon's forthcoming Mathematica in action, and my work has appeared on the cover of The Mathematica Journal. I'm happy to consult with students and faculty here at UNCA, as well as other mathematicians or just about anyone who wants to use Mathematica in their work. Here are a few of the resources I've created over the users.

Getting Mathematica

Getting a copy of Mathematica is outrageously simple for UNCA students and faculty. Simply follow the link:

You should create an account using your UNCA email address; you can then download your own copy and use it right away. You'll need to go through the simple activation process, if you want to use it for more than two weeks.

FractalGeometry packages

I've written some Mathematica packages to make it easy to explore self-similar sets.  You can download them here.