Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research

My own professional interests are pretty diverse. As a developmental psychologist, I am particularly interested in child and family characteristics and the way these characteristics can be shaped by cultural or subcultural forces. As an assessment person, I also am interested in how we go about measuring aspects of human behavior in ways that make us confident we are learning something real. As a former department chair and dean, I am interested in helping faculty become better teachers, advisors and colleagues by learning more about current best practices in higher education.

I really enjoy working individually with students on research projects and am available every semester to mentor 1-2 undergraduate research projects. I have worked with students on a diverse array of topics including assessment of intergenerational attachment patterns among Alaskan natives, development of a scale that measures openness to experience, middle and high school students' ideas about dating, adolescent perceptions of media violence and the impact of induced affect on reading comprehension. If you have an idea for a project, please call or email me to set up an appointment to discuss it.