Interests and Activities

Academic program assessment

A significant portion of my time is spent working with colleagues on effective assessment. As Director of Academic Assessment I work with faculty and staff throughout Academic Affairs to set goals and define outcomes, identify useful direct and indirect assessment methods, facilitate development of reliable assessment practices, interpret assessment data and identify ways to use those data for improvement. Some of the tools and techniques of this trade:

  • Assessment Notes, an email newsletter with updates, questions and answers, suggested readings and upcoming events
  • Fall and spring workshops on a rotating set of assessment topics
  • On and off campus consultation - Please call or email me for an appointment

Faculty development

I enjoy helping faculty learn more about issues that will help them become better teachers, better advisors and better colleagues. Some of the recent presentations I have given on our campus and elsewhere include:

  • Active learning in the liberal arts
  • Assess we can! Using course embedded assessment (with Cherry Danielson)
  • Constructing a personality scale: A hands-on project for teaching psychological testing
  • Developing an active learning experience
  • Engineering success: Undergraduate research in freshman colloquium courses
  • Lost in translation: Understanding Millennial Students
  • Light at the end of the tunnel: Helping Millennial Students succeed
  • Millennial Madness: Teaching the liberal arts to today's freshmen
  • Planning for success: Changing behavior through student engagement
  • War of the worlds: When Baby Boomers and Gen Xers collide