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Le Premier Rendez-Vous

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So tomorrow is a big day!

We have tabling from 11-1:30pm(?) and then our first official meeting!
For tabling we will be meeting in Reed Plaza, for those of you who don't know that's the area between HU and the Caf.
For the meeting we will begin up in the Pinnacle, then go for a short walk to our destination.


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There will be a meeting tomorrow evening in the Pinnacle (3rd floor of HU), and we will be discussing things such as what you would like to see from this club, any ideas you may have for the club to do or get involved in, and also to keep you up to date on what the club will be doing soon.

First Movie Date Set!

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Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles is now the first movie that French Club will be showing campus-wide. Mark Sept. 15 @ 7pm in all of your calendars. You could also subscribe to the French Club calendar to get all our updates!

Plans for 2011-2012

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There will definitely be two movies sponsored by French Club this year (one per semester). The dates and the movies are TBA, suggestions are taken into consideration.

French Club will also sponsor either a French musician, or a Lecturer. Those dates are also TBA.

Give suggestions as to what you'd like to see French Club do!!

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