Starting in September of 2014, Upper Moreland High School embarked on a program to put technology into the hand of every student.  The goal of this initiative is to provide the technology tools to enhance teaching and learning.  This website is a resource and a guide to help support understanding of this important initiative.  This initiative continues for the 2015-2016 school year.

Technology in Teaching and Learning
Technology is often talked about as being an important tool for teaching and learning.  However, it's not often explained why.  We believe that equipping students with modern technology capable of accessing modern internet resources gives students the ability to learn with tools that are relevant and second nature enhances their ability to learn and can open the classroom up outside of the standard school day and building. 

The Device
The device that students will be using is a Chromebook.  A Chromebook is a lightweight laptop device that runs Chrome OS.  Chrome OS is a computer operating which is in some ways similar to Microsoft Windows or the Mac OS, but different in that the central user experience is focused around the web browser.  

Important Upcoming Dates and Information 

  • August 2nd (8/2/2016) - Start Technology Fee Collection