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Curriculum Notes
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Math: Unit 5 - Fraction & Mixed Number Computation; Measurement

In Unit 5 this week, will explore subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators while solving number stories. Students will also practice displaying data on line plots.

Science: Energy & Electromagnetism
What does energy do in a circuit with a motor? What is needed to make a complete pathway for current to flow in a circuit? Students will investigate these focus questions in their lab groups by creating circuits using light bulbs, motors, and switches. Students will also create a test circuit to identify conductors and insulators.

Reading: Lesson 19

We will finish Journeys lesson 19 this week by examining the ways in which authors sometimes try to persuade their readers. By the end of the week, we will begin looking at lesson 20's vocabulary.

    Writing: Opinion

    As students draft their opinion pieces, we will have opportunities to conference with peers and the teacher to provide feedback to improve our writing. The opinion writing prompt will be given next week.