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January 2nd- Welcome Back!
January 5th- College Awareness Day
January 11th- Diversity Day
January 15th- No School
January 18th- January Scholastic Orders Due


In order to obtain clearances, volunteers need to go to the school district website at www.umtsd.org . From the Home page under Site Shortcuts, there is a link "Volunteering in UMTSD" - click on that link and it will take you to the overview page which explains what all "new volunteers" need in order to volunteer.  There are 5 (and in some cases 6) documents required.


              1. Volunteer Request Form

              2. Volunteer Affirmation form

              3. PA Criminial Clearance - there is a link to take you to the State site to apply and you will get an immediate response.

              4. PA Child Abuse clearance - your PA Criminial and PA Child Abuse clearances must be no older than one year for all new volunteers.  The one you sent is dated Sept. 2016 which is beyond the one year mark so you would need to apply for a new one - it may cost you $8.00 and it may take a few days for you to get it in an email.  It could take longer but in most cases it is only a few days.

              5. TB Screening Report - you do not need to get a TB test done - but you do need to have either the HS or MS nurse sign off on the form or your family doctor - they ask you questions about your risk for TB and then they check off one of the two boxes and sign the form.  If you have had a recent TB test and have proof of a negative test result, I can accept that in place of the TB Screening Report.

              6. Federal FBI Fingerprinting - this is only required if you have not been a resident of PA for 10 consecutive years.

Birthdays- January
02nd- Ritwik
03rd- Keith
07th- Jamal
10th- Tommy
13th- Dylan's 1/2 Birthday
26th- Jonas
26th- Lily
31st- Raylin's 1/2 Birthday