"Legacy Beliefs Across Generations"

Seeking Volunteers for a Gerontology Study

All people have meaningful impacts on the lives of others and the world around them. Some of these impacts live on after death; these are called legacies

This study aims to understand legacy beliefs across generations to improve end-of-life care and support in Hospice and other settings.

Who can participate?  

Dr. Tom Meuser, a researcher at the University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL), is recruiting family pairs (co-participants) to take part in this study:

¨ Participant A — An adult parent age 60+;

¨ Participant B — A child (or adult grandchild) of Participant A, age 21+.

What is involved? 

There are two ways to participate: (1) In an individual recorded interview (~1 hour); or (2) By completing a questionnaire at home (~45 min).

Risks and Benefits?  

A risk may be emotional discomfort when responding to some questions. A benefit may be increased self-awareness.

How do I volunteer?  

First, talk to your co-participant (i.e., your parent, child, or adult grandchild). If you both desire to take part, CLICK HERE to complete a confidential registration survey.  Or, you may call Dr. Meuser at 314-516-5421 to express interest or email him at meusert@umsl.edu. He will go over the study with you in more detail and answer any questions you might have. Volunteers needed now through 8/1/17.

Tom Meuser, PhD

Clinical Psychologist & Applied Gerontologist

Director, Gerontology Program

Department of Sociology, Gerontology & Gender

University of Missouri — St. Louis

314-516-5421 office / meusert@umsl.edu