Thorvaldsdalur Terrain Run

Next run will be on July 2nd 2022.

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The 28th. run took place on July 3rd. 2021

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The 27th run took place on July 4th. 2020.

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The 26th. run took place on July 6th. 2019.

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The 25th. run took place on July 7th, 2018.

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The 24th. run took place on July 1st, 2017.

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The 23rd. run took take place on July 2nd, 2016.

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The 22nd. run took place on July 4th, 2015.

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Pictures of three first runners can be seen here for men and women. Photos of almost all participants are here.

The Oldest Terrain Run in Iceland

Thorvaldsdalur Terrain Run is the oldest terrain run in Iceland. It took place for the first time in 1994 and every year since. The run is held early July each year in the Þorvaldsdalur Valley in northern Iceland (about 20 km north of Akureyri town).

The Þorvaldsdalur Valley is peculiar in the sense that it opens in both directions, in the south to Hörgárdalur Valley and to the north to Árskógsströnd by the coast of Eyjafjördur fjord. The run starts by the farm Fornhagi in Hörgárdalur Valley at 90 m above sealevel. The finish line is by Árskógsskóli school at about 60 m above sealevel. The highest point of the run is about 500 m above sealevel. The total distance is ca. 25 km.

Challenging terrain
The terrain is probably the most challenging a runner can meet and far different from the street runs most runners are used to.

The first part is relatively steep and in about 5 km you have reached 500 m above sealevel. Soon after that you get to the highest point and the rest of the run is downhill.

Most of the time you run in the wilderness with sheeptracks as your best choice. The sheeptracks dissapear in some places altogether and you run over cushions, stones and mires in places. There is even an old rock avalanche that has to be passed.


Registration fee is ISK 12000, online registration will open soon on

Included in the registration fee:

  • A medal for each competitor and prizes from 66°North for three first in both male and female class
  • Present from our main supporter, 66°N.
  • Bus from the finish to the start which leaves at 11 am.
  • Water and sportdrinks at four stations during the run.
  • Refreshment at Finish
  • Security on the way, transportation in case of need.
  • Free visit to the swimmingpool at Dalvík.
Map of the area showing where to gather before the run (in case you want your car to be accessible at the goal) and where the start is.

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