Welcome to Prof. Joseph A. Zasadzinski Research Group .
Prof. Zasadzinski group's research deals primarily with experimental investigations of the relationships between structure, composition and function at the molecular scale in complex or self-assembling fluids using optical, electron, and scanning probe microscopies. Our group is one of the few in the world to utilize all major microscopy techniques. In general, our research has two parallel and interacting thrusts. The first thrust is the development and/or modification of microscopy techniques so that they can be applied to soft, fluid, or other novel systems such as biomembranes, liquid crystals, Langmuir-Blodgett films, etc. This often means designing our own microscopes or modifying commercial equipment to make it compatible with our requirements. The second thrust is to use the high resolution structural information obtained to explain the phase behavior and other macroscopic properties of technologically or scientifically interesting materials, especially those with biomedical or biotechnological interest. Current funding comes from a variety of sources including the Interfacial Science Division and the Division of Materials Research of NSF, the MSERC, the Institutes of General Medicine and the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the NIH, the UC Biotechnology STAR and Training Programs, the UC Tobacco Related Disease Research Program, the Petroleum Research Foundation and Depotech and Alliance Pharmaceuticals Co.