Water Wisely
Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Congratulations on completing the Water Wisely Level 2 training module (the two-hour workshop). You are now ready to share this research-based information in your community. The community-engagement toolkit that we are providing to you contains the tools that you need to do so.

Please carefully review all the files below well in advance of teaching a class or staffing an info booth to allow time for asking questions in case something is not clear.  If you have questions, please contact Jackie Froemming, Extension Educator, at froem022@umn.edu.

Please keep in mind that this community-engagement toolkit is only available to volunteers, like you, who have attended a train-the-trainer workshop facilitated by Extension educators or the Master Gardener Volunteer Program Team.

Thank you for promoting wise watering practices!

Level 1 Community-Engagement Toolkit Components:

News Release  (Word)
Customize this document and share it with your local news venues to promote these classes.

This document contains instructions on how to use the slides and other components of the teaching package.

Use this document each time you teach a class to gather email addresses of participants in order for the State Office to conduct post-event evaluations. Provide information to Jackie Froemming, Extension Educator.  Jackie will be contacting participants at the end of the calendar year for a one-time Post-Event evaluation.

There are four versions:

Notes for the full version divided by sections for quick reference with slide titles shown in bold. This document contains supporting information for presenters and should be reviewed prior to presenting. This is not a script, but provides background to help presenters when giving the Water Wisely presentation. 

  • Water Wisely (PDF) 
    This is the one-page (two-sided) handout for Water Wisely.

  • Resource List (PDF)
    The authors developed a list of resources in case you are looking for additional information as you get ready to teach these classes.

The authors developed these documents to provide additional information and graphics about soils and the ribbon test.

  • Evaluation Form (PDF)
    A one-page (two-sided) document.  Make sure to obtain feedback from your attendees every time you teach a class and tabulate the results (calculate percentages).