University of Minnesota Mobile App Challenge - Participants

Announcing the Winners of the 2012-2013 Mobile App Challenge

The Mobile App Challenge is a two-term competition for undergraduate students. During the Fall term, teams of participants pitch ideas for a mobile app. A panel of judges selects the most promising ideas, and those teams then continue in the competition by developing an alpha version of their app during Spring term.

This year, the finalists presented their apps to the University of Minnesota community during a trade-show style finale event. Judges were in attendance and ranked the finalists to determine the winners of the 2012-2013 Mobile App Challenge.

1st Place

Event Spark

Event Spark screenshot

From the Team: Event Spark connects you to all of the fun, spontaneous events happening all around you. Events of any and all types can be posted by users via Google Maps as they are happening, allowing you a dynamic bird’s-eye view of all the exciting things to do on campus. Event Spark makes it simple to view, plan, and organize your social life like never before.

Congratulations to the Event Spark Team!

Event Spark Logo
  • Will Nayes
  • Alexander Weston
  • Ryan Kotval
  • Jonathan Steffl
  • Jacob Walder

1st Runner-up


ThinkTank screenshot

From the Team: ThinkTank is an location-based, anonymous, & user-governed idea and thought collaboration network. Whether a post or conversation thread is about an interesting landmark, a question in your college lecture, a concert or event that is currently taking place, or perhaps just a silly or thought provoking idea you have waiting for the bus, ThinkTank provides a unique and refreshing take on social media and human interaction by offering a network made to let you connect anonymously with the people around you.

Congratulations to the ThinkTank Team!

ThinkTank Logo
  • Sean Mateer
  • Ryan Haasken
  • Kevin Mehlhaff
  • Andrew Helgeson

2nd Runner-up

Data Donor

Data Donor screenshot

From the Team: Nowadays personal data is used for the wrong reasons: advertising, marketing, corporate America. But why not use your data for a purpose? The Data Donor app allows everyday people to anonymously donate their data for the overall improvement of health. A simple 30 second download is all it takes to get started. Get sick and input your symptoms into the app and Data Donor will trace the source of your illness! The information you donate is used to identify sources of disease so that we can all stay healthy. Results are returned to you via our website and Twitter account. And of course, your data is always 100% anonymous. Data Donor: Data for a Purpose.

Congratulations to the Data Donor Team!

Data Donor Logo
  • Matt Schober
  • Sam McMillian
  • Louis Succi
  • Tyler Lastovich