The Fall 2017 semester is approaching, and for some it is a new beginning in college, while other's journeys are approaching the end. No matter your experience, we would all like to welcome you to the Actuary Club website. Our club prepares those in the Statistics and Actuarial Science major for the highly demanded career of an Actuary. 

Fall 2017 Events Fair We will be attending the events fair and look forward to meeting many new people to UMD, the major, and our club.


Q: I'm not an Actuarial Science major, can I still come?
A: Absolutely! It is always good to branch out and meet new people and learn about different professions.  We enjoy seeing new faces and educating people about our field as well as the path we've taken to get here.

Q: What will we be doing at meetings?
A: We'll go over what it means to be an actuary, as well as the requirements to becoming one, we'll have presenters some weeks, as well as some weeks where we play board games or do other fun games. There is always a high probability of there being pizza as well.