Welcome to the University Imaging Centers 3D Printing Hub.

Here you will find information about submitting projects for printing, details about our printers, and resources for additional information on 3D printing and creating models.

On the right side of the site you will find specifications and rates for our printers as well as their locations, and on the left quick submission buttons for 3D print jobs and contact information if you have a project to discuss.

In addition to offering 3D printers the University Imaging Centers also offers assistance in modeling your design. In partnership with the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute (UMII) we have the ability to reconstruct your data into 3D models from many forms of imaging data including MRI, and CT. 

Our expertise in 3D printing is likely born out of the same reasons you may be looking to use our service. In our facilities we use a great many small odds and ends in our experiments and some of those come at great cost.

3D printing has allowed us to come up with more affordable solutions and also gives us the flexibility to expand on them. Whether your designing a presentation model, custom slide or dish tray, modified cover slip holder, or an entire imaging chamber to hold anesthetized small animals while imaging; 3D printing is a powerful tool for researchers looking to customize and fine tune their experiments.

Have a design you need printed? or project you'd like to discuss?  We're here to help.

UMN Rates      Per Hour
MarkForge II .................... $15.00
MakerBot ............................ $5.00
Design Assistance ......... $45.00

External Rates Available: Please contact UIC staff.

Spec Reference
MarkForge II
Build Volume:
320 x 154 x 132 (mm) 
Media - Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar.
Highest Layer Resolution:
.1 mm (Nylon only)
.125 (Nylon + Fiber)

MakerBot Replicator
Build Volume:
240 x 189  x  143 (mm)
Media - PLA.
Highest Layer Resolution:
.1 mm (PLA)
Temperature Thresholds:
Glass Temp: 60-65C˚
Melting Temp: 150-160C˚

Printer Locations
MakerBot Fifth Generation
MarkForge II

Snyder Hall
MakerBot Fifth Generation

UIC Hours:
9:00am - 5:00pm. M-F.