Overview of Teaching Evaluations

I provide raw evaluation scores from all undergraduate classes I have taught at the University of Minnesota on the two questions deemed “most important” (full evaluations including open-ended questions are available upon request). Specifically, I provide four figures that make the data easy to digest. 

From Summer 2000 through fall 2007, I include (on a 7 point scale) are: How would you rate the instructor’s overall teaching ability; and How would you rate this teacher compared to others you have had at the University of Minnesota?
The dark gray bars indicate the mean score I earned in each class while the whiskers indicate the 95th percent confidence interval.
Beginning in the spring of 2008 the University Office of Measurement Services changed the teaching evaluation form. Because there are not commensurate measures, I utilized two items of interest. First, I report the mean score for each class based on the number of students who agree with the statement: “I have a deeper understanding of the subject matter as a result of this course.” I then report the percentage of students who agree or strongly agree with the phrase: “I would recommend this instructor to other students.” The dark gray bars in the top figure indicate the mean score I earned while the whisker bars indicate the 95th percent confidence interval.