Oral Argument Audio and Notes

This column provides audio clips of important segments of the arguments in Roe v. Wade. The attorneys representing each side are Sarah Weddington (for Jane Roe) and Jay Floyd (for the state of Texas). Issues pertinent to the section of the case you read include the constitutional provisions protecting the right to obtain an abortion, when in a pregnancy an abortion is a protected right, the claim that the case was brought as a class action, the rights of a fetus, and Mr. Floyd's shaky start.

Weddington Argument on Constitutional Rights
Weddington Argument on Timing (first argument)
Weddington Argument on Timing (reargument)
Roe Argument on case as a Class Action
Floyd's Argument on Fetus Rights
Weddington's Argument on Fetus Rights
Floyd's Introduction Misstep

For the full arguments and reargument, navigate to: https://www.oyez.org/cases/1971/70-18
Harry Blackmun took notes during the arguments and rearguments in Roe. Here we offer transcription of some of Blackmun's notes that pertain to issues important to the sections of the case you read for class.

Oral argument (December 13, 1971)

Reargument (October 11, 1972). We fully transcribe these notes as he took fewer of them at this argument. Note also that the attorney for Texas changed in the reargument to Robert Flowers.