Outreach through the Media

I have been involved in many different forums that open to the public the U.S. judicial system and the U.S. Supreme Court. For instance, I have written pieces for the media to bring increased public awareness about specific issues that affect the Court. In 2016 I co-wrote a piece for the Washington Post on how the death of Justice Scalia will affect the Court's decision to reargue cases currently before it. In 2011, I wrote a piece for the
New York Times on the importance of oral arguments in cases the justices decide. Finally, I wrote an essay for Zocalo Public Square on the degree to which our nation’s highest court is (or is not) caught in the clutches of partisanship. 

Beyond these essays, I have been lucky enough to bring my research, and insights about the Court, to the public through a variety of outlets. In 2016, I was a part of the Theater of Public Policy. During the performance, a colleague and I were interviewed about topics ranging from the Supreme Court to the 2016 elections. The group then put together their improv based on our statements. In 2011 I was invited to give a talk for Minnesota Public Radio’s Policy and a Pint series at Minneapolis' famous Varsity Theater. This hour-long discussion, with more than 500 people in the audience, was one of my most enjoyable out of the classroom teaching experiences. Additionally, I have participated in a variety of audio stories or documentaries about the Court and the law. In particular, I have been involved with documentaries about the history and law of affirmative action (part one and part two), the famous Supreme Court case Near v. Minnesota, and campaign finance law (part one and part two). Further, one of my books with (with Jerry Goldman) was featured on C-SPAN’s BookTV. Finally, I was honored to have a former student use me in a podcast she created about the U.S. Supreme Court. These documentaries and media appearances have brought much needed attention to important cases and issues that come before our nation’s highest court.

On several occasions I have also had the pleasure of appearing on Public Radio to discuss salient Court cases or issues. I am particularly happy to be on Public Radio for longer, in-depth, discussions because doing so allows me to bring my experiences and knowledge to a highly educated, insightful, and interested public. I am most happy when listeners call in and ask questions that pique their interest. Specifically, I have been a part of a lengthy discussions about the implications of Justice Scalia's death, the end of the Court’s 2014 term, the issue of gay marriage in Utah, the Affordable Care Act decision and what transpired during the oral arguments in this case, the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens, and the nomination of Justice Sonya Sotomayor

Finally, my research and insights have been brought to the public through media accounts in outlets such as Economist, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC News, National Public Radio, WCCO Radio, and USA Today. These articles and stories can be found here