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DMS Lab Policies

Access & Policies


The Digital Media Studio facilities are available for use by School of Journalism & Mass Communication students, faculty and staff.


Access priorities are based on our responsibility to support and enhance the mission of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

Access priority and privileges ( in descending order of priority):

  • Class reservations for instructional purposes.
  • Students in the School of Journalism who are enrolled in classes that have a lab component.
  • Other journalism students for special projects under the supervision of a faculty member, subject to approval by SJMC administration and DMS support staff.
  • School of Journalism faculty and staff developing courseware or other special projects related to the School of Journalism.
  • All access is subject to proven proficiency in operating equipment.

Access privileges for students in courses with a lab component include:

  • Access to computers as assigned to their course(s). Student accounts are set up based on registration for eligible courses each semester.
  • Students in classes that require access to digital media equipment (such as cameras and video equipment) may check equipment out for use. See Equipment Policies for rules governing equipment use.
  • Printing is restricted to courses that meet in the DMS. All printing is pay-to-print and required a valid University ID which can be swiped at the release station for print jobs.
  • Space for file storage allotted to them on the School of Journalism server.


School of Journalism students not enrolled in courses with a lab component do not have access to computers in the lab but may use computers in the Sevareid Library which are similarly equipped and configured.

Only students enrolled in courses requiring photographic and video equipment may use such equipment.

Visit Campus Computer Labs for information about other University of Minnesota OIT computer labs.