As You Like It

LibriVox - As You Like It
An online database where volunteers record books in the public domain and publish them on the web. Recorded separately by different readers, through LibriVox you may hear an audio production of this play being read word for word.

Filmed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival before a live audience, this link will take you to the first of the sixteen parts of this stage version of the play. 

The full black  and white version of "As You Like It" starring Laurence Oliver as Orlando.

This link should bring you to the complete playlist of  "As You Like It" with Helen Mirren as Rosalind.

Set in Japan with Kevin Kline as Jacques, this link you bring you to the complete playlist of this version of "As You Like It".

An animated version of Shakespeare's play created by the BBC; an abridged version of the play in three parts. 

Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold.
  As You Like It, Act I, Scene 3