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The Twenty First Seven Pines Symposium
The Outing Lodge, Stillwater, Minnesota. 17–21 May 2017
Black Holes in the Spotlight

Public lecture: Tuesday May 16, 2017, 7 pm
The Swain Room, University of Minnesota, McNamara Center
"Gravitational Waves are here" by William Unruh

Program and participants

1.  History of Black Holes

• Stellar mass:   Virginia Trimble (Irvine)
• Supermassive: 
"On the History and Philosophy of the Black Hole Information Paradox" Sebastian De Haro (Amsterdam)

2.  Present Theory and Observations of Black Holes

• LIGO:  Daniel Holz (Chicago)

3. Black Holes and Quantum Theory

• The case for information loss:   Bob Wald (Chicago)
• The case against information loss: Aron Wall (IAS, Princeton)

4.  Implication of black holes for fundamental physics 

Ted Jacobson (Maryland)
Steve Carlip (UC Davis)

5. Philosophical aspects of black holes 

Chris Wüthrich (Geneva)
Nick Huggett (University of Illinois)

6. Analog experiments 

Jeff Steinhauer (Technion)
Hydrodynamic simulations of rotating black holes:
Silke Weinfurtner (Nottingham)


Steve Carlip (UC Davis)
Sebastian De Haro (Amsterdam)
Jeroen van Dongen (Amsterdam)

Daniel Holz (Chicago)
Nick Huggett (Illinois)
Ted Jacobson (Maryland)
Jeff Steinhauer (Technion)
Virginia Trimble (UC Irvine)
Bob Wald (Chicago)
Aron Wall (IAS, Princeton)
Silke Weinfurtner (Nottingham)
Chris Wüthrich (Geneva)


Erik Curiel
Samuel Fletcher (Minnesota)
Don Howard (Notre Dame)
Gary Smaby
Roger Stuewer (Minnesota)
Tiziana Vistarini (Colorado)
Francesca Vidotto (Radboud)

James Weatherall (Irvine)

Junior Discussants

Siska de Baerdemaeker (Pittsburgh)
Dan Carney (British Columbia)

Jamie Elder (Notre Dame)

Shahin Kaveh (Pittsburgh)
Porter Williams

Advisory Board

Lee Gohlike, Founder
Peter Gilbertson
Jos Uffink (Minnesota) Chair
John Norton (Pittsburgh)
Serge Rudaz (Minnesota)
Philip Stamp (Vancouver)
Bill Unruh (Vancouver)
Robert Wald (Chicago)
Jim Weatherall (UC Irvine)

Local Observers

Andrew Miller (Minnesota)
Edward Slowik (Winona)
Aaron Vesey (Minnesota)