Public health challenge: effectively reaching and communicating with young people about health. With many state public health agencies working to increase adolescent and young adult clinical well visits – addressing this challenge has become even more urgent.  

No small challenge: we are marketing to a population characterized by diverse demographics, superior technology skills, expansive views on sexuality and gender, connection to a global (albeit largely virtual) community. And selfies. 

As a result, SAHRC started digging through commercial market research: How are brands like Nike or Coca-Cola or Apple “selling” to adolescents and young adults? (And is it working? Turns out, not so much for Coca-Cola and McDonalds!)

In this webinar series -- facilitated by SAHRC's Communication's Director Glynis Shea (former advertising executive) -- participants explore, analyze, debate, criticize and apply market research insights about adolescents and young adults to this public health challenge.

This virtual learning series provides thought-provoking ideas and concepts from commercial marketers to inform our approaches to engaging young people in health.  


Millennials & Founders = market “disrupters”  April 11, 2017
If “get off my lawn” is your reaction to Millennials, your head will surely explode when you hear what Founders are all about. Commercial markets are changing dramatically to meet their needs -- are we? A discussion about the “psychographic” profile of young people.

Co-creation > youth engagement?  June 13, 2017
hocker: commercial marketing is all on-board with youth engagement. They call it “co-creation” and realize that if young people aren’t actually involved in the process, no sale. A discussion about flipping our approach to youth engagement and messages.

Relevance = experiences + sharing  July 11, 2017
In a world where there are a bazillion messages and everyone gets to pick their own media channel, how do we “reach” young people with our agenda? We don’t. A discussion about achieving relevance when we aren’t. 

#effyourbeautystandards August 8, 2017
Young people aren’t shy about sharing their agenda --are we listening? A discussion about how young people translate values to action via technology.

Health literacy v. the look-up generation September 19, 2017
Google and WebMD have all the answers and I can get t
hem while ordering an appetizer. So we’ve got health literacy covered, right? A discussion that re-defines what health literacy means for young people today.