• A time of significant development, growth and change, second only to infancy 
  • A time of exploration, figuring things out and taking charge

    "Adolescence is the most Technicolor time in our lives."    Ned Vizzini, writer

    To manage these changes, young people take off the life backpack they were given at birth and filled with the foundational things they need to thrive during childhood. They take charge of their back back by reorganizing everything that's inside:

    • Explore & try things out
    • Decipher what it all means, what's important to them, & how they'll use it
    • Add to & refine the content
    • Repack with the things they want - in the order that makes sense to them.

    Developmental Tasks

    As part of this process, adolescents accomplish developmental tasks that help them move into adulthood ready and prepared: 

    1. Figure out a new body
    2. Take on their sexuality
    3. Manage a rapidly changing brain
    4. Learn to think a new way
    5. Figure out a new sense of self
    6. Take charge of beliefs and values
    7. Renegotiate relationships with peers and parents/caregivers
    8. Identify their role in the world

    Foundational Supports

    Through this process, young people need foundational supports that help them develop, thrive, prosper and flourish.

    • Connections to caring, supportive people, schools and communities
    • Opportunities to try things out, find their “spark” and make a difference
    • Basic needs are met

     When young people are surrounded with these supports these supports, they:

    • Less likely to be involved in risk behaviors
    • Do better in school
    • More likely to believe in their own abilities


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