An opportunity for state MCH professionals and partners to explore the myriad of ways to collaboratively improve health care for youth (age 10-25) with the goal to create care that centers on youth. These opportunities include webinars, case studies and discussion forums to delve into clinic quality improvement, confidentiality, healthcare provider/staff training, youth healthcare literacy, working with FQHCs and community clinics, partnering with youth, statewide partnerships, and more.

YOUTH-CENTERED HEALTHCARE is a framework that weaves together quality clinical care done in a way that connects with and meets the needs of young people.

  • Accessible
  • Fosters open communication
  • Provided by staff skilled in fostering health promotion, risk reduction & healthy development
  • Based on evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Offered in ways that protect confidentiality
  • Provided in spaces and ways that are welcoming to young people
  • Engages youth in their care


Stay Tuned for upcoming Creating Youth-Centered Care learning opportunities!

   ARCHIVED WEBINARS & RESOURCES                                    

Healthcare 101: State Partnerships for Healthcare Quality Improvement
April 20, 2017

Ohio TALK (Transforming Adolescent Care Learning Collaborative)
April 10, 2017

Healthcare 101: Clinical Quality Improvement: What is Public Health's Role in Adolescent & Young Adult Healthcare?
March 29, 2017

Healthcare 101: Healthcare System for Adolescents & Young Adults (an overview)  
February 28, 2016