An opportunity for state MCH professionals and partners to explore the myriad of ways to collaboratively improve health care for youth (age 10-25) with the goal to create care that centers on youth. These opportunities include webinars, case studies and discussion forums to delve into clinic quality improvement, confidentiality, healthcare provider/staff training, youth healthcare literacy, working with FQHCs and community clinics, partnering with youth, statewide partnerships, and more.

YOUTH-CENTERED HEALTHCARE is a framework that weaves together quality clinical care done in a way that connects with and meets the needs of young people.

  • Accessible
  • Fosters open communication
  • Provided by staff skilled in fostering health promotion, risk reduction & healthy development
  • Based on evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Offered in ways that protect confidentiality
  • Provided in spaces and ways that are welcoming to young people
  • Engages youth in their care

Improving Adolescent Centered Care: Training Your Team When You Don’t Have the Time or Resources for Training
January 23 & February 1, 2018 

Health practices across the country have limited time for staff and provider training. That’s why the University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initiative created Sparks. Sparks are free, pre-packaged mini-trainings on a variety of adolescent health topics, designed to be delivered at team meetings in 15-30 minutes.  Join SAHRC and the presenters from the Adolescent Health Initiative the following events to get acquainted with SPARKS and learn more how you can use it.  

Healthcare 101: State Partnerships for Healthcare Quality Improvement
April 20, 2017

Ohio TALK (Transforming Adolescent Care Learning Collaborative)
April 10, 2017

Healthcare 101: Clinical Quality Improvement: What is Public Health's Role in Adolescent & Young Adult Healthcare?
March 29, 2017

Healthcare 101: Healthcare System for Adolescents & Young Adults (an overview)  
February 28, 2016