Overview and Schedule

Welcome to the home page for the 2016 RSDP Connections Webinar Series! 

    Each RSDP Connections webinar (an online seminar/lecture) has several sections: a highlight of the work of a University organization, a featured RSDP project, and a bit about what's happening today in the Partnership regions.

We hope this series of webinars will accomplish several things –
  • Introduce RSDP staff and work group members to University of Minnesota organizations, people, and projects applicable to our sustainability efforts.
  • Help our University counterparts become better acquainted with the structure and focus of RSDP so that they might keep us in mind for future collaboration or refer qualifying projects to us as they arise.
  • Share RSDP work group priorities, projects, and approaches between regions.
  • Use as a recruitment tool, inviting interested individuals to apply to submit projects or participate as a board or work group member.

    The webinars will be held periodically from March to December 2016. You can find out more about each "episode" in the following pages, along with a link to view the live presentation or the recording. 
Thanks for tuning in!

The RSDP Natural Resources work groups serve their communities by supporting 
locally-driven projects that aim to conserve, maintain, or enhance 
the unique natural resources of their region. 

To learn more about the Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships 
and ways to get involved, check out the RSDP page