Prof. Ron Krebs' Teaching

office: 1233 Social Sciences
tel.: 612-624-4356
fax: 612-626-7599

Mailing Address
1414 Social Sciences
267 19th Ave. S.
Dept. of Political Science
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455
I normally use Moodle to host my course web-sites, and those sites are password-protected, so I cannot make available on my personal web-site all the materials I make available to my students. The links below call up a recent syllabus. If the linked file does not seem up to date, and you think there may well be a more recent syllabus, please don't hesitate to email me at
  • POL 1025 -- Global Politics (fall 2014)
  • POL 4885 -- International Conflict and Security (fall 2014)
  • POL 8401 -- Theories of International Relations (fall 2013)
  • POL 8402 -- International Security: A Survey of the Field (spring 2015)
  • POL 8460 -- The Consequences of War (fall 2004)
  • ST 8510 -- The Politics and Psychology of Terrorism and Security (summer 2014)

Some courses I look forward to teaching in the future:
  • Great Books on International Relations (undergraduate honors seminar)
  • Film and International Politics (upper-division undergraduate class)
  • Culture and Conflict (graduate seminar)