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Rhetoric, Narrative, and Politics

“The Relational Dynamics of Terror and Moderation.” With Arjun Chowdhury. In Patrick T. Jackson and Daniel H. Nexon, eds., The Relational Turn in the Study of World Politics.

“National Security and the Politics of Story-telling.”

The Consequences of War

In the Shadow of Violence: How Conflict Makes and Remakes Democracy. Book project.

The Oxford Handbook of Grand Strategy. Edited with Thierry Balzacq. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Under contract.

War, Armed Forces, and Society 

Soldiering and Citizenship after the Cold War: Why Western Publics Turned Against ISAF.”

“Support the Troops, Support the War? Conceptions of Soldiering and Support for the Use of Force: An Experiment.” With Aaron Rapport and Robert Ralston.

“Rethinking Civil-Military Relations: Through the Lens of Network Theory.” With Stacie E. Goddard.