What Respect Means

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, What it Means To Me            (Here is what Staff members had to say)

…To respect yourself first, others will respect you – treat others as you want to be treated. – J.R.

…Equal opportunity and treatment for everyone – Accepting and valuing our differences. -S.P.

…To treat me as a unique individual, as important and intelligent as anyone else.  - G.P.

…Everyone is treated the same and we are not put in a hierarchal work plan. - T. W.

…Treating everyone the same and welcoming differences in lifestyle and opinion, recognizing them as assets.  - Andria Peters

…Having my daughter not talk back to me; at work it means having co workers listen, when I speak, consider my suggestions, etc. – Sara Wakefield

…Listening to me without rejecting my ideas. - R.M.

…Being aware of difference among all of us and allowing each person, the space to tell his/her story. - Jennifer Englund

…Treating others as I would like to be treated. - Paula Seeger

…Recognizing that everyone has their own unique talents and value. - M. E.

…Treating people politely, regardless of status or color. – C.H.

…Allowing me to be me – not judging, accepting, and acknowledging my gifts. – D.H.

…In the work environment, coming together with the attitude that we are together in a communal effort to benefit more than our personal concerns – When everyone is allowed to participate fully, the community will grow and benefit beyond belief. – P.P.

…Being honest, kind and considerate of others, at all times, regardless of differences. – Paige Anderson

…Acknowledging differences of opinion and a willingness to discuss those differences. - Carolee Berge Cohen

…Trust, understanding and not be asked to do or say something I don’t believe in. - T.H.

…Listening to all and being listened to. - A.L.

…Valuing the time, creativity, input and perspective of all people, regardless of their job, sex, race, orientation, etc. - Christine Yeager

…Accepting my skills knowledge and abilities. - Bonnie Marten

Everything! – B. S.