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Resources for Civil Service and Bargaining Unit Employees


        Civil Service Committee:

        Employee Advocacy:


        Clerical Workers Union:

        Basic rights are shown here:


        Technical Workers Union:

        Take a look at “A Collection of Charts of Inequality in America”.



Coalition for a Respectful U is an on-campus forum for students, faculty and staff.  Consider attending their meetings to learn more about resources and what’s on their agenda.  The Web site is:



Consider reading this book that’s both fun and informative:

Julie Ann Wambach, Ph.D., Battles Between Somebodies and Nobodies: Combat Abuse of Rank at Work and at Home (Scottsdale, Ariz.:  Brookside Press, 2008)

“A practical guide to successfully defending oneself against the abuses of rank that crop up in most everyone’s personal relationships and public lives, Dr. Wambach’s book is user-friendly, handy, and full of common sense.  It is illustrated with rich, concrete examples that readers will be able to apply to their own situations and so better protect themselves from the indignities of rankism.”

-          Robert W. Fuller, Author of Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank, and All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies and the Politics of Dignity

“Julie Wambach has compiled an impressive typology of rankism.  If you want to understand what rankism means, what devastating effects it can have, and how to fight it – this is the book you want to read!”

-          Noa Zanolli Davenport, Co-author of Mobbing:  Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace




“There is no social-change fairy. There is only change made by the hands of individuals. “

-           Winona LaDuke


The Civil Service and Bargaining Unit Women’s Action Network (CSBU-WAN) provides leadership resources to improve and enrich the professional environment for CSBU women at the University of Minnesota. We support the mission by advocating women’s concerns and increasing respect for CSBU women. Additionally, we aim to expand professional and personal development through increasing networking opportunities.