55 Year Old Homeless Man Carries 2 Masters Degrees

     Contrary to the majority of the public's beliefs, for many individuals who are experiencing homelessness it was to no fault of their own. 
     Maurice Johnson, a 55 year old African American man, now living in Boston after multiple life struggle, is living in a homeless shelter. Despite Johnson's impressive life achievements, our country is unable to accommodate his skills and provide him with a job. Johnson is over qualified for may of the positions he had applied for and due to the lack of opportunities; Johnson is living on the streets. Possessing a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, Acoustics from Purdue University, a graduate of Dartmouth College in which Johnson gained a Master of science, in Plasma Physics, he is still unable to get stable work. 
      After Johnson's father died, he was left to take of his ill mother. Johnson's mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, leaving him no other choice but to take care of her. Having a strong obligation and love of his mother, Johnson decided to care for her during the time she had left. Johnson was confronted with unfortunate and very difficult decisions to make. His mother's house was being foreclosed on and his only option was to all he could to stop it. Johnson's parents paid for his schooling and enabled him to posses all the intelligence that he has today. Knowing this, he sold all of his belongings-electronics, furniture, his car, and anything else of value, in order to hold on to his mother's home. He did not want his mother living on the streets. After doing all he could, and ensuring his mom was comfortable in her home, Johnson searched for work. "When you have no money, it's very difficult to start over." Johnson explains after having little to no success in his job search.  
     After his mother was settle in her home, Johnson traveled to California to work amongst 30,000 other engineers at Lockheed Aerospace Corporation. Things were looking up, but nor for long. Lockheed Aerospace Corporation would soon be downsizing, resulting in 27,000 engineers laid off, leaving only 3,000 with jobs. Johnson was one of the unlucky employees to be terminated.
     After this, Johnson searched for work across the county, and was lucky to get a teaching job at North Eastern, Johnson worked at North Eastern for four month until he had to call it quits. Throughout the four months while working at the University he only accrued 1,000 dollars. This simply is not enough money for any human to live off for a four-month period of time.
    Johnson has been offered a few other job opportunities, but none that will meet his living needs. Johnson is forced to live in a homeless shelter because he has no other choice or place to go. Despite his impressive resume, and his valiant and persistence effort to find a good job, he hasn't found any success. This is due to no fault of his own, but instead can be attributed to may things but most importantly, the country's failing economy.