Professional Collaborations/Communities of Practice

University professional groups exist in many forms around campus. They are a great resource for connecting with others who have similar job responsibilities but are in different units. Members of the groups network and share ideas. This site is dedicated to maintaining an accurate list of these groups. Please see the IT@UMN Communities of Practice Page for information on the fCoPs and iCoPs hosted by the IT@UMN community. 

If you know of updates to this list, please contact Ryan Ceresnak (

Academic Advising Network
Includes and serves professional advisors, faculty members, administrators and others in academic and student affairs concerned with the intellectual, personal and educational needs of students.

University Analysts Group (UAG)
Works to share knowledge and perspectives related to university data, systems, and policies, analysis tools, techniques, and approaches to research questions, and serves to promote professional development among its members.  

Steve Gillard

Colin DeLong

Peter M Radcliffe

The Art of Participatory Leadership (aka Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter)
A community of staff, faculty and students working together to create meaningful conversations at the University.  We draw on strategies and frameworks for engagement and change including World Cafe, Open Space, ProAction Cafe, Storytelling, Chaordic Path, 4-fold Practice and many more. Visit the Art of Participatory Leadership Google Group and Facebook page for more information. 

Sarah Groskreutz
Sook Jin Ong

Campus Climate Engagement Team
This is a diverse group of staff and students (faculty are welcome) who are working specifically on campus engagement for the broad campus climate initiative on the Twin Cities campus.  Who this is forAny Twin Cities campus student, staff, or faculty member who has a strong interest in campus climate. Space is limited.

Ann Freeman

Campus Conversations
A periodic forum to discuss issues of interest to the University community.

Ann Freeman

Career Development Network
Comprised of career and student services professionals, fosters professional growth and the sharing of best practices among members, which enhances our ability to provide quality career development resources to students at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Communicators Forum
Promotes excellence in communications and enhances cooperation among communications professionals working at the University.

Kit Breshears - Chair 2016-2017

Community Campus Coordinators Alliance 
The Community Campus Coordinators Alliance (CCCA) is the professional association for Civil Service Bargaining Unit (CSBU) and Professional/Administrative (PA), Public Engagement (PE) staff across the University of Minnesota System. The organization supports PE staff professional development with activities like regular networking and professional development opportunities, staff awards, and dissemination of scholarly work.  

        Sara Axtell

Computer Management
The Computer Management (CM) Group at the University of Minnesota is a diverse group of IT professionals that meet monthly to discuss, develop, and collaborate on Computer Management standards across the University System.

To contact the Steering committee, email

Consultation Collaborative
The Consultation Collaborative is intended to form a network of consulting services to support holistic professional development of instructors.

Paul Ching

Mitch Ogden
(612) 625-0849

E-Learning Network
A community of U of MN professionals working in academic technology, online learning, and hybrid/blended education. Join the listserv and you will be invited to meetings on various topics of interest six times per year:!forum/elearningnetwork

        Sara Hurley    

Enterprise Data Management & Reporting (EDMR)
EDMR provides data and reporting resources, information, community discussion, and opportunities to participate in ongoing efforts. This organization is comprised of four groups (click links for more information and how to join - UMN log-in required to view EDMR resources & info):
The EDMR Steering Committee - Responsible for advancing the EDMR goals of shared data, understanding, tools, and development.
Analytics Collaborative (AC)  - Facilitates University data management & reporting by developing knowledge, skills and abilities, coordinating community building and networking, and vetting new data and reporting projects
Data Governance Council (DGC) - Builds confidence in the University's assets by establishing shared understanding through data quality, availability, and usability.  
Reporting & Data Specialists (RADS) - The RADS Network develops an active and engaged data community by raising awareness of unit data needs, and applying University data and reporting resources in local units.  

Steve Gillard

University Media Community 
The purpose of this group is to share ideas, best practices and update each other of the latest media related activities around the University. The group also acts as feedback conduit which helps to guide the future direction of the Video and Conferencing Service.  The members of the group have the essential function of sharing information from and with their colleagues, departments, and colleges. All are invited.  To join our Google Group please visit:

Mike Williams
(612) 217-4250    

Project And Change Management Collaborators (PCMC)
A vibrant and responsive peer network at the University of Minnesota that strives to advance knowledge and foster exceptional results in project and change management.  PCMC was established in 2007.

Monthly programs offered throughout the academic year

Survey Peer Network
A platform designed to connect University professionals with survey-related resources, and each other, to generate a campus-wide awareness of survey best practice and implementation and to facilitate survey-related conversation through multiple communication channels.

Erin Heath Lever

Women in Technology
Women in Technology (WIT) formed at the University of Minnesota in 2016 as a community that provides a forum for women to share experiences and resources in a supportive network. 

Women who work with technology and students interested in working in technology will grow their professional network, knowledge share with peers, and develop a support system to empower their future careers. We strive to increase diversity in technology on campus at all levels. 

Who should join?

Women in Technology is open to anyone who would like to participate in, and support our mission.  Please join our Google Group to receive updates about upcoming events, and to share resources with the community.  

Workflow Collaborative
Improve service delivery by providing a software solution that can be shared across University units to automate the workflow that supports business processes and facilitates process improvement

Eric Eklund