Western Kentucky CommTech College - 8/9/2011

Copyright is EVERYWHERE

Contracts affect copyrights

  • Library electronic resources (link to be added from WKCTC libraries' site?)
  • Websites' terms of use (still seeking good resources...may have to write a blog post.)
  • Publication contracts (for academic authors)
  • Creative Commons (their own site)

Copyright is NOT ABSOLUTE

Handouts & Slides

Both are attached as PDFs below. Most of the images in the slides are used under Creative Commons licenses, and a few are used under a fair use rationale - in either case, the terms under which I'm using them may or may not be applicable to re-use by others.A few of the images are public domain.

All of my own work in the slides is made available under a Creative Commons BY-NC license. Please feel free to re-use and/or adapt for any non-commercial purpose, with credit. (Or use without permission when you reasonably think it's a fair use - that's good, too! :)

Some Copyright Fun

What do you think about these uses?

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