Family Education M.Ed. (Master's Plan C)

This program develops and strengthens professionals' competencies to work with individuals and families to enhance family life. This practitioner-based program prepares licensed teachers to further develop their knowledge and skills in the family education field, or non-licensed professionals to work with adults, youth, or children in a variety of settings. The program prepares parent educators for positions in health care, social service agencies, and religious settings in Minnesota and in other states and countries. Students are prepared to design, deliver, and evaluate educational programs in a variety of settings providing support and education to parents and families. Diversity and cultural responsiveness are integrated throughout coursework, student teaching, and observation experiences. The Family Education M.Ed. professional studies degree is a terminal degree for family education practitioners and is not recommended for students who intend to pursue a research degree.  Students may fulfill requirements for a parent educator license or parent education certificate as part of this degree.

Coursework (30 credits) *

Parent and Family Education (15 credits)

FSoS 5902 – Family Education Perspectives – required

12 additional credits from the Parent and Family Education course list * or select alternative courses with adviser approval

Educational Processes (5-6 credits)

Select courses that are outside Parent and Family Education

Supporting Focus – Family/Children/Youth (9-10 credits)

May include Parent and Family Education courses not previously counted         

* See Course Planning tab for additional information

Students who have been admitted to the M.Ed. degree program may add the certificate program by completing the Express COS Application form at

An overall GPA of 2.8 or higher is required with a grade of "C" or higher earned in all required parent and family education courses in order to maintain good standing in the program.

Final Steps for Degree Completion

  • Contact Cathy Schulz ( to inform her that you are completing the last semester of coursework. 
  • During last semester (first eight weeks) of coursework select two faculty members to serve on the oral examination committee. 
  • Schedule the oral exam within the final two months of the semester in which the degree will be completed.

NOTE: to schedule, students should view the Google calendars of both committee members to identify at least three possible dates and times (1 hour in length). These options should be sent to both committees members to finalize scheduling.