Panyam Research Group

Nanotechnology-based delivery systems hold tremendous promise because of their potential to improve the therapeutic efficacy of existing drugs. While several studies have established the utility of nano systems in improving the drug availability in target tissues, the magnitude of such improvements is not sufficient to fully eradicate the disease or eliminate side effects. A detailed understanding of the fate of delivery systems in the body and, more importantly, in the microenvironment of the target tissue is necessary to further improve treatment effectiveness.

Dr. Panyam’s research is primarily focused on investigating the mechanisms of nanotechnology-based drug delivery, with emphasis on understanding how various biological factors and carrier properties affect the effectiveness of targeted delivery systems. These mechanisms are studied in the framework of two disease areas: cancer and infectious diseases. The ultimate goal is to use the knowledge derived from these studies to devise advanced delivery systems that can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual patient.

Jayanth Panyam, PhD
Professor and Department Head
Principal Investigator
Curriculum Vitae(CV)
Phone: 612-624-0951

Dept. of Pharmaceutics, University of Minnesota
Rm. 9-143B Weaver-Densford Hall (map)
308 Harvard St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA
Lab phone: 612-624-0443 (Rm. 9-156)
Lab phone: 612-625-5436 (Rm. 9-166)


Mr. Stephen Kalscheuer — Graduate Student, 
Mr. Ameya Kirtane — Graduate Student, 
Mr. Garvey Liu — Graduate Student,
Mr. Lin Niu — Graduate Student,


Alex Grill, Ph.D.
Bharath Raja Guru, Ph.D.
Ayman Khdair, Ph.D.
Mahesh Chavan Patil, Ph.D.
Yogesh Patil, Ph.D.
Emilie Roger, Ph.D.
Tanmoy Sadhukha, Ph.D.
Komal Shahani, Ph.D.
Suresh Swaminathan, Ph.D.
Udaya S. Toti, Ph.D.
Marina Usacheva, Ph.D.