Welcome to the Department of Pediatrics Employee Resource Site

The information on this site is intended to provide administrative resources and information for staff within the Department of Pediatrics. 


The goal of the site is to provide administrative staff with up-to-date and relevant information needed to be successful in their daily tasks via an interactive platform that allow for staff to collaborate with one another as members of a community.

So how did this project get started?
Our department administrative leaders began a process in 2015 to follow-up on employee engagement survey data from the 2014 employee engagement survey. They reviewed these results with the administrative staff and then invited us to participate in focus groups to collect more details on specific areas where our department could make meaningful improvements in 2016.
After these areas were identified and prioritized, leadership called for staff volunteers to address priorities through three different project teams: Work Life Balance, Resources, and Communication.
The Resources Project Team was lead by Jen Beckman and composed of Pat Buenzle, Sunni Dunn, Sara Duxbury, Lynette Lohse, and Dan Nerheim. Together they created the proposal and launch plan for a staff Google Site